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Guitar Lessons for All Skill Levels

Local lessons for anyone 5 years old and up in the Foxboro/Mansfield, Massachusetts area.

Inquire about lessons whether you have some experience or none at all.

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Discover Your Abilities, Surprise Yourself!

Build Relevant Skills

Learn to understand how a song works and what techniques can be applied.

Premium Material

Build the right foundation for the most productive growth.

Video Tutorials

Detailed lesson walkthroughs, printable material, accessible trainer.

Relaxed Atmosphere

The courses and teaching style are designed for the everyday person, not music scholars.

Play with Confidence

Learn to play with others and not feel overwhelmed.

Actionable Training

Useful exercises and strategies that can be applied to any situation.


I Began Playing Guitar in 1994

and knew right away that it was my calling. In October of 2019, I founded Axtreme Guitar, a guitar teaching business located near Boston, Massachusetts.

In addition to teaching, I am also a performer and enjoy composing original music and collaborating with others. I am committed to helping each of my students reach their full potential as a guitarist and fostering a love of music that will last a lifetime.

Our vision is to be the premier destination for guitar education, known for our exceptional instructor (who is also the owner and operator) and comprehensive curriculum. We envision a future where all of our students have the skills, confidence, and love for music to pursue their musical dreams and make a positive impact in their communities through the power of guitar. We strive to foster a love of music and a lifelong appreciation for the arts in all of our students, through the guidance and expertise of a dedicated owner-instructor.


In addition to offering local and online lessons, I am also actively involved in the local community providing after school programs and performing at local churches, bringing the joy of music to people of all ages.

Giving Lessons

Axtreme Guitar's mission is to provide high-quality guitar instruction to students of all ages and skill levels, helping them to not only learn how to play the guitar, but to also discover and pursue their passions for music.


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