Common Reasons People Avoid-Quit Guitar

Common Reasons People Avoid-Quit Guitar

Learning to play guitar is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it can also be intimidating for those who are new to it. There are many reasons why people may be hesitant to start learning guitar, some of the most common reasons being age, lack of time, cost, and other reasons stemming from lack of confidence, fear of the unknown, or taking stock in myths that certain people are meant to be musicians while others are not.

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Baby with guitar imageSome people may feel that they are too old to learn a new skill, especially one as complex as playing guitar. However, it’s never too late to start learning. In fact, research has shown that older adults can benefit greatly from learning an instrument, as it can improve cognitive function and reduce stress. As a matter of fact, this is a universal benefit

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 regardless of age.

Size of hands imageSome people may feel that their hands are too small or too large to play guitar comfortably. While it’s true that some hand sizes may be more conducive to playing certain types of guitars, it’s important to remember that there are many different sizes and shapes of guitars available. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. Additionally, guitar, like other instruments, offer many approaches to chords and sounds to assist you in getting around certain obstacles. Before hanging up the towel, think about or ask about what options are available for you to attempt.

Lack of time imageBetween work, family, and other commitments, it can be hard to find time to practice and learn guitar. However, it’s important to remember that even small amounts of practice can make a big difference. When I hear this argument from people, I put it to them like this. When you want something bad enough, you make time for it.

Clock imageDon’t put something off and regret it later in life. If you’re already later in life, stop putting things off if you can (you probably can, but I won’t assume to know your circumstances). Try everything that sparks an interest in you while you can. If you’re short on time, try setting aside just a few minutes each day to practice. I tell all my students, set the bar low! Stop thinking you need to practice large amounts of time and just focus on 2-5 minutes per day… that’s it.

Lack of confidence imageMany people may be reluctant to start learning guitar because they lack confidence in their ability to learn a new skill. It’s important to remember that everyone starts somewhere, and it takes time and practice to improve. Be patient with yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, take just 2-5 minutes per day working on learning something new. Your understanding, however basic it may be, accumulates with every minute, the same way a snowball the size of your fist, when rolled through snow, can grow to the height of a grown adult. Over the span of a month, you’ll know something you hadn’t before regardless how much. More importantly, the only person you should be competing with is yourself from yesterday and days past.
Privately record yourself like a video diary of your guitar journey so you can look back at when you started, whether it was a month ago or more to see your progress from then to now.

Expensive image Too expensive imageSome people may be hesitant to start learning guitar because they feel that it is too expensive. While it’s true that guitars and lessons can be pricey, there are many ways to save money. For example, you can look for used guitars, borrow one from a friend, or try taking online lessons. There are a multitude of ways to save money, but this argument tends to be more of an excuse for most people (not everyone). If most of us look at our spending, we’re wasting money left and right on frivolous things and ventures. Part of learning something or doing something worthwhile requires a little sacrifice.

No musical imageSome people believe they need to have a background in music to learn guitar, but this is not the case. While some basic knowledge of music theory can be helpful, it is not a requirement. Anyone can learn to play guitar with the right amount of dedication and practice. The important takeaway is, it is not harder to learn to play guitar if you don’t have musical background. Guitar is a dynamic instrument to learn to play. It requires physical and mental energy. I have had well accomplished musicians of other areas of music as students, more knowledgeable than myself even, who have struggled just as much as students I teach with no musical experience whatsoever.
The difference usually lies in self-doubt. Don’t start yourself off on the wrong foot and doubt yourself before you even have the chance to really try. Self-doubt can be crippling.

Musical ability imageSome people feel natural talent for playing guitar, or some other instrument, or even music in general is the only answer to being a musician or not. While there are some people that can pick up an instrument more quickly than others, anyone can learn to play guitar with the right amount of dedication and practice. Quite honestly, this is more of a copout, if I’m going to be brutally honest. In my experience as a guitar teacher, there are:

  1. students who learn guitar quickly early on and then plateau,
  2. students who start slowly, then learn quickly before a plateau,
  3. students who learn in a slow, but steady pace,
  4. and the rare prodigy whose learning abilities seem endless.

It’s normal to feel hesitant about starting something new, but it’s important to remember that learning guitar can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. With a little bit of patience and dedication, anyone can learn to play this beautiful instrument.

Kurt Echols imageKurt Echols is an American musician and the founder and Owner/CEO of Axtreme Guitar, a thriving Boston-based enterprise known for its guitar lessons and comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Kurt’s exceptional talent as a performer captivates audiences, while his creative prowess is evident in his skillful composition of original music that deeply resonates with listeners. He actively collaborates with fellow artists, co-creating captivating musical arrangements.

Alongside his musical pursuits, Kurt is committed to fostering music appreciation among young individuals. Through Axtreme Guitar, he engages with the community by providing music appreciation programs in elementary schools, inspiring aspiring musicians and instilling a love for music. With his diverse skill set, unwavering passion, and impactful contributions, Kurt Echols continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, both locally in Boston and beyond. Axtreme Guitar also maintains a strong online presence with engaging content on YouTube at and at

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